If you have decided to end your marriage the process can be fraught, emotional and stressful. The best way to approach this situation, if at all possible, is by agreement and discussion between yourself and your spouse.
However, even if there is agreement in discussion, or in the face of dispute, it is important to get advice from the right professional.
• Take your time getting to know the lawyer that is right for you. Check out their profiles on legal directories or the firm website, ask around, what do people say about them? Do they have other professional qualifications? You need to find some-one you trust and need to know that they will be able to negotiate on your behalf.
• Once you have appointed a family solicitor to act on your behalf you must be truthful, think about what outcome is best for your situation both in the short and long term. Your friends may give you advice, but the only advice you should really concentrate on is that of your own solicitor who knows the facts of your individual case.
• Believe what your lawyer is telling you. They are the experts and have done this hundreds of times before. It may go against your instincts, but their advice is based on years of experience and will have your desired outcome at the heart.
• The wording and timing of court documents can be critical.
• Keep costs down by being organised, have all your paperwork filed in an easily accessible place and work in partnership with your lawyer.
Remember, your lawyer has your best interests at heart but will be working on many other cases, in meetings or may be at Court whilst looking after your case, so you may sometimes not be able to take your call (unless it is urgent). Arranging an appointment or corresponding by email can be really effective.