Contact arrangements can be fraught during the emotive time of the Christmas holidays and can cause a lot of conflict in separated families – even if there is a Court Order in place. To resolve these matters, every family will have its own individual needs to address – here are some suggestions how to make things easier.
1. Communicate without emotive language. Maybe communicate via e-mail if face-to-face communications between you are difficult
2. Plan beforehand – make a decision together and tell your children together if possible
3. Do not ask your children to decide
4. Stick to the timings agreed
5. Compromise
6. Consider using an independent mediator to agree contact arrangements
7. Contact a solicitor to make an application to Court for a specific order or as part of a child arrangement order
There are no right or wrong solutions, you can’t please everyone. Do what you think will be best for the children and don’t feel pressurised to please others around you to your and the children’s detriment.